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TotalEnergies exhaustive Caps & Closures polyolefin product range, evolving together with new market requirements.

Key values:

  • Cost savings (downgauging, processing)
  • Enhanced mechanical properties (adapting to e-commerce needs)
  • Improved organoleptics
  • Aesthetics (improved gloss & transparency)
  • Easy processing (reduced cycle time & increase machine lifetime)




TotalEnergies Caps & Closures HDPE Portfolio

HD6042 - The solution to reduce material usage for tethered caps

TotalEnergies HDPE 6042 resin conceived for tethered cap application has enhanced mechanical and organoleptic properties, enabling identical technical cap performances with less material than market reference, thus reducing the carbon footprint of end applications, such as beverage or cosmetic bottles. When designed to be compatible with monomaterial packaging solutions, it helps improve sorting and recycling and thus reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste, contributing to the circular economy.

Suitable for both food and non-food contact applications, this product complies with all the Caps & Closures market requirements.  

Key values:

  • Comply with regulation European Directive (EU) 2019/904 (SUPD) on the reduction of the impact of plastic products on the environment
  • Reduce plastic waste and facilitate recycling
  • Enhance mechanical properties compared to conventional resins : high stiffness and enhanced stress crack resistance, resulting in excellent tearing properties
  • Improved processability : excellent injectability


Plastic bottles

HD6081 & HD6082 – the perfect solution for still drink

TotalEnergies HD 6081 & HD 6082 unique molecular design & technology expertise to achieve excellent processing behavior and mechanical properties. The perfect solution for still drinks.

HD 6081 & HD 6082 exhibit outstanding performance tailored to the Caps & Closures market:

  • 5 to 15% processing pressure decrease
  • Improved ESCR (twice as high as market reference)
  • Up to 40°C processing temperature reduction potential
  • Certified organoleptic properties



Soda bottles

Polyethylene Lumicene® M5220 family - Perfect for carbonated soft drinks, juices, milk and many more applications

TotalEnergies Lumicene® M5220 family offers highly performing bimodal products associated with significant cost savings. Suitable for a wide range of applications : carbonated soft drinks, juices, milk and beer

Key values:

  • Processability
    • 15% lower energy consumption
    • 10% cycle time reduction
    • 20 to 45°C decrease in processing temperature
  • Mechanical Performance
    • Very good dimensional stability
    • Rigidity
    • Improved ESCR (twice as high as market reference)
  • Chemical properties
    • Excellent organoleptic properties

This grade family leads to significant reduction in GHG footprint: Consumption of 1000 t of M5220M5220 M, or M5222 reduces CO2 emissions by 550 t eq.


TotalEnergies LDPE product range – Solution for soft lids, pull-rings and caps and closures

Oil bottle

TotalEnergies LDPE product range ensures easy processing and is suitable for soft lids, pull-rings and caps and closures applications.

Key values:

  • Softness and transparency
  • Greater ductility
  • More complex cap designs
  • Better processability

1070 MC 18 C

1200 MN 18 C


plastic water bottles with caps of different colour

TotalEnergies offers a complete polypropylene product range from low to high fluidities while improving processing and mechanical properties. TotalEnergies’ solutions allow costs reductions thanks to lightweighting and processing savings possibilities.

TotalEnergies polypropylene product range is preferred and referenced by most of converters and brand owners looking for differentiation and excellent processing in Caps & Closures :

Polypropylene Lumicene® - Solution for personal care products

Soap bottle

TotalEnergies Lumicene® Polypropylene Caps & Closures offers a unique range of polypropylene products based on proprietary Metallocene technology, products. They combine improved properties while allowing significant processing cost reductions.

Key values:

  • Best in class for organoleptic properties
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Outstanding gloss, transparency and aesthetics
  • Improved impact and stiffness balance, allowing significant downgauging
  • Processing costs savings possibilities

TotalEnergies Lumicene® MR10MX0, MR30MC2

Grade Slate TotalEnergies​


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