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High quality service for a highly demanding market

With more than 30 years experience in the medical industry, TotalEnergies Aceso® is more than a brand name. It stands for:

  • Certificate of compliance to European Pharmacopeia based on regular testing
  • Production follows rigorous specific procedures which ensure contamination-free and traceable production
  • Change notification – 24 months
  • Long term availability 
  • Outstanding service 
  • 3 months safety stock

and ISCC PLUS compliant from bio and bio circular feedstock


PP Homopolymers

High MFI grades PPM H350 & PPM H250 (and its phthalate-free equivalent PPM H250 S01) are designed for injection. They are used for applications where high rigidity is needed while impact strength is less critical.

Oral drugs packaging

Oral Drug Packaging



Plastic syringes are Class IIA medical devices and have to fulfil rigorous tests on transparency, water vapor permeability, leakage and cytotoxicity….

PP Random Copolymers

Low MFI grades PPM R020 (and its phthalate-free equivalent PPM R020 S01), PPM R021 (phthalate-free PPM R021 S01) and MR10MM0 are designed for Blow Fill Seal application. They are used for application where a good balance between rigidity, transparency and impact strength is needed, as well as under film form for flexible bags for parenteral medication.

IV therapy

IV therapy



Low density PE grades PEM 2408PEM 2420, PEM 2440 and PEM 1870 are designed for easy processing, while high density PE grade HDPE 5502 R3 is designed for high softness.


Coating powder medicine bag

Grade Slate TotalEnergies​


PP-PE-PS product range 2022