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PS or PP the best of two worlds by Totalenergies - the choice is yours




TotalEnergies PS & PP meet the needs of various parts for large and small appliances.

Refrigerators, for instance, are at the heart of every kitchen to keep our food and beverages fresh and cool. TotalEnergies has developed a product range that can meet the specific requirements of all the various parts.

From HIPS products for a perfect liner that is highly resistant to aggressive liquids to very transparent GPPS for crisper bins and drawers that allow users a quick and easy glimpse of all their wares.

Additionally, for small and medium appliances there is also a PP product range that is suitable for the injected parts.

Optimized processing

From fast extrusion processes followed by a thermoforming step for the creation of smooth liners to the precise injection of all kinds of different parts that can be found in appliances, the use of TotalEnergies materials will ensure efficient first-rate processing.

Highest ESCR

Blowing agent, detergents, foodstuffs: thanks to our HIPS PS 8260, your liners will be able to withstand high stress.

More than 40 years experience

Markets, trends and expectations can change and we are here to help you respond to these changes.

Relying on our experienced technical, process and R&D teams we help develop the specific product you need to either match ever more stringent ESCR needs, reach your sustainability goals or help you better manage recyclates, to name just a few examples.

Grade Slate TotalEnergies​


PP-PE-PS product range 2022