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Customized to fit your diverse needs

Technical Parts


From office goods and electronics to toys, fast moving consumer goods applications (just to name a few) are quite diverse and each of them has its own specific needs. TotalEnergies is able to serve all of them thanks to its extensive portfolio range. 

PS, PP, PE - The choice is yours

and ISCC PLUS compliant from bio and bio circular feedstock


Grip feel, transparency, chemical resistance, flexibility are one of the many requirements that we are able to cover thanks to our presence in PE, PP, PS. With TotalEnergies, you’ll always have the opportunity to select the best polymer to match your performance needs and be cost effective.

Baby car seats

Baby seat

In baby car seats, the rigidity/impact balance is of the utmost importance. Good rigidity is needed for protection, yet it should still demonstrate a high energy absorption property to ensure the safety of the child in case of impact. 

One of our impact copolymers, PPC 6742, provides an excellent rigidity/impact balance and is easy to process, making it a very suitable grade in baby seats production.


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