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and ISCC PLUS compliant from bio and bio circular feedstock

Up to 50% PCR incorporation in our Wood pellets bags


Improve recyclability by using less ink and incorporate Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) while keeping the integrity and brand appeal of the film is a challenge.

The combination of Supertough® 32ST05 and Lumicene® grade allow to achieve the objective.

The is a new example of in-house success story for TotalEnergies.


20% PCR in collation shrink while keeping high optical and mechanical properties

Plastic bottles

The challenge of incorporate Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) in collation shrink is to keep the original requirement of the film without compromising the mechanical properties.

Thanks to the use of Supertough® 16ST15 as a booster, TotalEnergies proposes a solution which aim to consume fewer natural resources.  Combined to Lumicene® grade, the packaging keeps its optical, mechanical properties and machine processability like an all-virgin material.


Grade Slate TotalEnergies​


PP-PE-PS product range 2022