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Silage Sheet & Stretch

conserving animal feed the right way

Lumicene Supertough® – the ideal booster of recycled PE for silage sheets

Silage sheets need to provide the right environment for protected foodstuff in order to ensure the correct fermentation process and conservation. This results in optimized mechanical and barrier properties.

Due to the quest for resource efficiency, a silage sheet often contains a high amount of recycled product. Since TotalEnergies Lumicene Supertough® has superior mechanical properties, it is used either as a recycling booster or to downgauge film.

With its excellent melt strength, Lumicene Supertough® is the ideal solution for extruding large silage sheets on a blown film line.


Lumicene® & EVA  – For thinner but better silage stretch

Silage stretch needs to protect the foodstuff in order to ensure the correct fermentation process and conservation of the bales. This results in demanding requirements for mechanical properties and barrier properties.

TotalEnergies Lumicene® combines good mechanical properties with the requested drawability for optimal performance of the silage stretch.  

Our wide EVA range of vinyl acetate percentages can help you achieve the right cling effect around the bales. With the suitable rheology of one of our EVA products, you are sure of the correct drawability and bubble stability on large extrusion lines. 

Thanks to the combination of Lumicene® and EVA, we provide an ideal TotalEnergies solution for silage stretch to the agricultural market.




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