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Supertough®, the ideal booster for stretch wrap and stretch hood 


Film around palets

The major challenge for pallet wrap solutions is to ensure load security during manipulation, transport and warehousing in order to reduce goods waste while being pushed to the limit to reduce packaging (downgauging – improved stretching). 

Reducing the environmental impact by using less material while maintaining the same performance (puncture force, retention force, ultimate stretch, …) or even improve it is a “must” in a context where plastics and their sustainability are more frequently demanded. Thanks to Lumicene® and Supertough®, TotalEnergies is able to help you do just that. 

TotalEnergies' range of EVA and Supertough® offers you the ideal products to produce the correct stretch hood film to ensure the safe transport of your pallet. A 15% improvement in holding force can be obtained with a 5 layer stretch hood recipe including Supertough® in the core layer; this opens up possibilities for improved packaging performance and/or reducing your packaging costs. Moreover, Supertough® 16ST15 can also be used to reduce the EVA content of the stretch hood film.

TotalEnergies' range of Lumicene® is especially designed for thin gauge stretch wrap produced at high throughputs with low extrusion pressure. Lumicene® M1835 offers strong stretching and mechanical properties, whereas Lumicene® M2735 is often used as non-cling layer. 

Supertough® is used to produce stretch wrap film that provides outstanding strength and high toughness at high stretch ratios both for industrial and manual stretch applications. 

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