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TotalEnergies polypropylene and polystyrene product range is preferred and referenced at most of converters and brand owners looking for differentiation, food safety and excellent processing both in polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS).

Plastic boxes

Key values:

  • Enhanced mechanical properties
  • Easy processing (reduced cycle time & increased machine lifetime)
  • Aesthetics (improved gloss & transparency)



PPC 14642 – pushing the limits of impact polypropylene 

Our expertise has been confirmed by the development of PPC 14642, an innovative product targeting an optimum balance of three major characteristics:  

  • Improved processing due to a higher MFI (Melt Flow Index) at 130 g/10’ 
  • Rigidity matching the market reference 
  • Impact resistance higher than the market reference 

The unique fluidity of PPC 14642 enables to shorten production cycles, to reduce injection pressure temperature leading to improved productivity, energy reduction and quick return on new mould investments.  


Wooden stairs

PPC 10542 – maximum rigidity, maximum performance

This unique impact polypropylene PPC 10542 brings improved rigidity combined with very good injectability matching market reference impact. Its driving forces are:

  • High stackability (lowering transportation costs) 
  • Lower processing costs
  • Hot fill applications
  • “Shake ability”
  • Downgauging


Polypropylene Lumicene® Random

This product range has a unique combination of cleanliness, easy processing and outstanding optics to help address the industry’s call for superior food compatibility, sustainability benefits and high aestheticsUltra low extractables and best-in-class organoleptic properties give the TotalEnergies polypropylene Lumicene® range the status of universal grade for food packaging from freezer to microwave.

Ranging from lower to higher MFI: MR10MX0MR30MC2MR60MC2



Transparent plastic box

TotalEnergies offers a variety of polystyrene materials suitable to a wide range of packaging applications.

Plastic packaging using TotalEnergies polystyrene resins can help reduce weight and cost, while also providing freshness, convenience, information, and the aesthetics essential to achieving consumer sales – all while maintaining stringent quality requirements.

Market references:

Grade Slate TotalEnergies​


PP-PE-PS product range 2022