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TotalEnergies Excell-R for excellence in Insulation

and ISCC PLUS compliant from bio and bio circular feedstock


EPS (Expandable PolyStyrene) or airpop® has been used for over 70 years for many purposes. It was originally intended as insulation material and it is still its main application, in addition to packaging and products for the civil engineering sector. The airpop® performance characteristics respond to the search for comfort and energy savings in all types of buildings, for new construction as well as for renovation.

TotalEnergies has developed a new grey airpop® and a dedicated process to offer the market an enhanced EPS that provides an excellent thermal resistance value (or R-value). This new product, registered as Excell-R®, is available as regular beads as well as a self-extinguishing beads.

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The airpop®-campaign is a joint industry initiative of EUMEPS, of European airpop®-converters, of their respective National EPS Associations and of European EPS raw material producers. airpop® represents an industry of approx. 600 mainly small and medium sized converters in Europe. They process about 1.300.000 tons of raw material into products. The main applications are building and construction as well as packaging parts.

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