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Decades of experience to help design the crates of tomorrow

TotalEnergies has been a leader in the production and development of best-in-class resins for plastic crates and boxes for many years. Whether it be heavy duty boxes, standardized crates for automotive industry or light thin wall crates, TotalEnergies has been driving the evolution that results from challenging customer needs.



Crates & Boxes


Improving your product performance and energy efficiency

Besides the durability advantage PP crates offer versus other materials (for example wooden boxes in RTP), the TotalEnergies PP crates range will open doors to cost effectiveness:

  •   Cycle time reduction
  •   Energy consumption reduction
  •   Extended life time mould


With more than 40 years of experience in product design and polymerization, we have achieved mastery in combining the best of antagonist properties. We can optimize features like stiffness (downgauging), impact resistance, fluidity (freedom of design), and creep resistance (high loading).

Improving sustainability for Crates

Reducing the environmental footprint of our activities, products and services is part of TotalEnergies’ strategy.

rPE5150 is high density polyethylene made with 100% recycled HDPE originating from post-consumer household waste collected in Western European countries. Thanks to its good balance between impact and rigidity, rPE5150 is suitable for the production of pails & crates and general-purpose injection-moulded articles.

Our recycled PP grades CPP AS-5 NOIR, CPP 15 -70 NOIR & CPP 70 -70 NOIR are best-in-class and designed with our customers to offer them the best solutions for their end products.


Grade Slate TotalEnergies​


PP-PE-PS product range 2022