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The use of plastics in automotive bodywork plays a key role in cutting the automotive industry’s carbon emissions. They make it easier to improve aerodynamic performance and reduce the overall weight of vehicles, helping in turn to cut the amount of fuel used by internal combustion vehicles and increase the autonomy of electric vehicles. 

TotalEnergies supports car manufacturers worldwide by developing and supplying polypropylene (PP) compounds that meet the highest performance, aesthetic and safety standards

Our materials are tailor-made and optimized for each application:

  • Exteriors: Paint and unpainted bumpers, side sills and tailgates 
  • Interiors: Instrument panels, door panels, trims and airbag components
  • Under the hood components

100% recycled compounds

TotalEnergies' recycled compounds offer enhanced performance, in particular in terms of the environment, while providing deliverable responses to the challenges raised by end-of-life plastics. These new materials, containing up to 100% recycled materials sourced from industrial and domestic waste streams, have a CO2 impact as much as six times lower than virgin materials

Hybrid compounds

To meet the demanding aesthetic and safety requirements, TotalEnergies have developed hybrid PP compounds containing up to 50% of recycled material, from post-consumer or post-industrial sources, and exhibit similar properties to virgin PP compounds with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Virgin compounds

TotalEnergies' best-in-class automotive polymers offer high growth potential in terms of lightness, performance and recyclability. By enabling energy consumption savings for both internal combustion and electric vehicles, they contribute to our customers' sustainability efforts while meeting the highest technical standards



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