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MDO PE Stand-Up Pouch


Stand-Up Pouch is a fast-growing market: compared to traditional packaging, it can offer significant advantages in terms of production, shipping and warehousing costs while reducing CO2 emissions.

However it is a challenging packaging format to ensure goods protection and meet demanding organoleptic requirements.

For non retort pouches, TotalEnergies offers a full range of metallocene grades: Lumicene® M5510EP (high density grade) and Lumicene® Supertough®  22ST05  and Lumicene® Supertough 32ST05 exhibit excellent organoleptic properties, tailored sealing (temperature / force) and superior mechanical properties (including flex crack resistance, dart drop and tear resistance)


BOPE High Density


BOPE high density has been identified as PET replacement solution. Following extensive R&D efforts, TotalEnergies has launched a dedicated grade for BOPE High Density. HDPE XBO58 is the high-density polyethylene grade designed to produce biaxially oriented film on tenter frame technology. HDPE XBO58 offers high MD stiffness as well as impact resistance and slow puncture resistance.


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