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and ISCC PLUS compliant from bio and bio circular feedstock

MDO PE Stand-Up Pouch

standup pouch

Stand-Up Pouch is a fast-growing market: compared to traditional packaging, it can offer significant advantages in terms of production, shipping and warehousing costs while reducing CO2 emissions. However it is a challenging packaging format to ensure goods protection and meet demanding organoleptic requirements.

For non retort pouches, TotalEnergies offers a full range of metallocene gradesLumicene® M5510EP (high density grade) and Lumicene® Supertough® 22ST05 and Lumicene® Supertough 32ST05 exhibit excellent organoleptic properties, tailored sealing (temperature/force) and superior mechanical properties (including flex crack resistance, dart drop and tear resistance).

MDO PE Blown and Cast Films

High Barrier Recyclable Stand-up Pouch

Blown film: Monomaterial High Barrier Pouch

The MDO-PE film recipe is composed of TotalEnergies Supertough®, such as Lumicene® Supertough® 32ST05, and unique Lumicene® high density PE, such as Lumicene® M5510EP. The objective is to replace multimaterial structures (e.g., metalized BoPP/PE or metallized BoPET/PE) with fully recyclable monomaterial structures suitable for food-grade applications, in line with brand owners’ commitments to 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

Cast Film: Unlaminated Pouch

TotalEnergies developed a full PE recyclable Unlaminated Stand-Up Pouch, allowing to decrease the packaging thickness. The MDO-PE film presents an asymmetrical structure, with low density in the sealing layer and high density in the stiff layer. This performance is possible thanks to the unique metallocene range of TotalEnergies Supertough® and Lumicene® high density PE, which offer a vast thickness range of solutions fitting customer’s needs. This film is made of Lumicene® M5510EP (high density grade) and Lumicene® Supertough® 16ST15, together with other state-of-the-art PE grades from our range.

BOPE High Density

BOPE high density has been identified as PET replacement solution. Following extensive R&D efforts, TotalEnergies has launched a dedicated grade for BOPE High Density: HDPE XBO58 is the high-density polyethylene grade designed to produce biaxially oriented film on tenter frame technology. HDPE XBO58 offers high MD stiffness as well as impact resistance and slow puncture resistance.

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