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06/10/2024 Event

TotalEnergies Lumicene® M5222 to be showcased for the Beverage Days 2024 at Netstal


On June 10-12 2024, TotalEnergies Lumicene® M5222 will be showcased for the Berevage Days 2024 at Netstal in Näfels, Switzerland.

It will be processed on a CAP-Line 4500 with 96-cavity Corvaglia tool (see picture above) for 26/22 CSD closure.

This bimodal metallocene high density polyethylene shows outstanding organoleptic properties. It contains a slip agent to reduce the friction at application and opening of caps. Lumicene® M5222 also presents very good dimensional stability, stress-cracking resistance, rigidity and processability.

Come meet our expert to discuss the latest innovations in HDPE Caps & Closures.

Looking forward to seeing you there! For more info on the product, visit Lumicene® M5222