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Plumbing & Heating Pipes

Extreme temperature resistance without crosslinking : PERT Type II

Our latest high density polyethylene pressure pipe grade combines excellent processability with elevated temperature performance and long-term stability to raise processing performance to a level never seen before.

XRT70 is a PE-RT (PE with Raised Temperature resistance) Type II HDPE produced using TotalEnergies’ Advanced Double Loop technology. High extrusion speeds can be reached at low temperatures and without any melt fracture, while keeping an excellent surface finish.

Typical applications include hot & cold water domestic plumbing, underfloor heating, radiator connections, infrastructure surface heating, cooling and deicing as well as industrial applications e.g. in corrosive environments.

Built for speed and consistency

XRT70’s bimodal design offers outstanding processing properties.

Small bore mono- and multi-layer pipes can be produced at high speed while maintaining excellent gauge control.

High throughput extrusion of large diameter industrial pipes is made possible on standard HDPE equipment thanks to the low sag behavior of XRT70.

Designed for durable installation

XRT 70 offer the longest service life in actual operation of raised temperature systems (Extrapolated Long Term Hydrostatic  Strength (ISO 9080) is above standard requirements).

XRT 70 provides to industrial pipes protection against slow Crack Growth (Notch Pipe test perf > 2000 hr (80°C, 9.2 bar, ISO 13479).

More than full compliance with standards

PERT Type II (ISO 24033).

Suitable for application classes 1,2,4,5 (ISO 10508).

Classified MRS 10 MPa (ISO 9080).

Resistant to disinfectants

XRT 70 based pipes have passed ASTM F2769 requirements in long-term oxidative chlorine testing displaying an estimated lifetime of more than 50 years at 60°C.


Flexible crosslinked pipe systems by Silane grafting : PEX-b

Compounders using Lumicene® M4040 will experience easier and more regular incorporation of silanes during PEX-b compounding compared to conventional Ziegler Natta resins.

Lumicene® M4040 presents unique performances for pipe manufacturers :

  • Easy  production with high output of small diameter pipes
  • High flexibility and glossy surface of pipes based on Lumicene® M4040 PEX-b compounds
  • Excellent organoleptics intrinsic to our metallocene PE products

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