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Dedicated To Rotomoulding

From molecular design to final product performance

Our product portfolio

TotalEnergies products and technologies for rotomolding

TotalEnergies offers a wide range of rotomolding grades based on proprietary metallocene PE (2nd and 3rd generation) and PP, and EVA.



  • pellets and powders both natural and colored

Customized Compounds

  • to provide the performance of your final rotomoulded part
  • TPSeal® Technology: for low permeation fuel tanks, foams, structural, technical and design parts

Our approach

Rotomolding : our approach

Resin Design

With over 30 years of metallocene catalysis experience, our team of technical specialists and researchers continuously innovates with customers.


Powder Quality

Powder particle size and shape analysis to optimize the product form. Processing window determination by using the sophisticated analytical technology TPPicture® (sintering, densification and crystallization analysis).


Rotomolding Machine and Process Conditions

We offer technical support throughout the entire rotomolding process. TotalEnergies applies analytical methods such as 3D studies to examine shrinkage, warpage and sagging.


Rotomolded Part

Both short and long term testing is part of our service to provide customers with the ideal resin and rotomolding part design.



Our applications

Our products are used in a broad range of applications:

  • Furniture: medical, design
  • Marine: kayak, surfboards, floaters, boats
  • Automotive: fuel tanks
  • Storage tanks: water, chemical, fuel
  • Underground chambers
  • Vehicle body
  • Materials handling
  • Infrastructure: roads and associated infrastructure, temporary housing, refuse containers
  • Toys: fast processing grades
  • Rotolining