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Greenhouse Film

The ultimate solution for A highly demanding market

Lumicene Supertough® and EVA – the ideal combination for greenhouse film

End-user requirements for greenhouses are increasingly demanding: they need to last longer, offer better environments to promote plant growth and result in lower waste.

Our Lumicene® / Lumicene Supertough® are polyethylenes with a unique molecular design developed to meet those demanding requirements. With their excellent processability and mechanical properties, Lumicene Supertough® is the ideal choice to simplify your film structures and offer a more sustainable greenhouse film without compromising on quality.

Our wide EVA range of different vinyl acetate percentages can help you achieve the right thermicity. Thanks to the appropriate rheology of our EVA products for greenhouse film, you can be sure of the correct bubble stability on large extrusion lines.  

The combination of Lumicene Supertough® and our EVA range provides a remarkable solution for greenhouse film with significant downgauging potential.


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