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03/02/2017 Press release

Total Develops a New Grade of HDPE for Thermoforming Applications

Houston, March 2, 2017 – Total Petrochemicals and Refining USA, Inc. has generated excitement in the sheet extrusion thermoforming (SET) market with the introduction of high density polyethylene grade 9825E. This grade is well suited for shallow draw thermoformed packaging applications in the foodservice and food packaging industries that require high rigidity and toughness.

Total’s 9825E high density polyethylene delivers the stiffness needed in SET applications. The increase in stiffness gives one the opportunity to lightweight, yet still maintain the performance compared to other HDPE grades used in SET applications, or to make a product of equivalent weight, but with improved performance. Other positive attributes that 9825E offers are impact strength, chemical resistance and low water vapor transmission rate.

Total developed 9825E to be used in a broad range of thermoformed foodservice and food packaging applications. “Not only does 9825E provide improved rigidity and processability compared to other grades of HDPE used in thermoformed containers, it offers increased gloss for improved aesthetics,” says Ted Harris, Marketing Manager for Total’s Polymers Americas. “Additionally, it satisfies a growing demand for materials that are widely accepted in recycling programs.”

Applications well suited for the use of 9825E include drinking cups, bowls, portion cups and yogurt containers.


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