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04/20/2020 News

HDPE Total Circular Compounds® - Meeting market demand with high-performance offering

Total is launching a concrete commercial offering to support its ambition to supply one million tons of recycled polymers by 2030. With Total Circular compound® rPE6314, which contains 50% post-consumer recycled from household waste collected in Western European countries but exhibits virgin-like performance, Total is providing sustainable solutions for bottles and medium-size containers for solids and liquids and for film applications. 


HDPE 5502 



954 kg/m³ 

955 kg/m3 

MI2 (190°C/2.16 kg) 

0.25 g/10min 

0.3 g/10min 

HLMI (190°C/21.6 kg) 

22 g/10min 

30 g/10min 

ESCR Antarox 100% 

 60 h 

>300 h 


Key features of rPE6314:  

  • Product quality consistency 

  • Optimized processing 

  • Excellent chemical resistance  

  • Mechanical properties equivalent to virgin HDPE 

  • Natural color 

  • Low odor 


This product not only promotes circularity in the packaging industry, but also helps reducing the environmental footprint of the final product, as rPE6314 allows the following gains (measured from cradle-to-gate): 

• 24 % of CO2 emissions 

• 20% of process energy demand 

• 47% of water consumption 

Paving the way to a more circular economy, Total is striving to enlarge access to recycled plastics market with high quality products.  

See Technical Datasheet