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Cable Insulation


High and medium voltage power cables require robust insulation materials of exceptional cleanliness and consistency.

TotalEnergies LDPE CD0230 DPI has been developed to meet these stringent criteria for use in direct peroxide injection cable manufacturing.

Together with our MDPE jacketing they energize our lives.

Cable Protection

Indoor conduits

Features Resin requirements Our solutions
Good balance impact resistance / stiffness Impact resistance at -5°C

PPC 3640

Flexible (corrugated) or rigid (smooth) Stiffness

PPC 3645

High processability   PPC 3650

Underground protection

Features Resin Requirements Our Solutions
High stiffness cable protection for installation under roads or rivers

(very) high stiffness

PPC 1645

Impact resistance

PPC 1640

High temperature resistance for high voltage underground cables

XRT 70


Features Resin Requirements Our Solutions

Microconducts to contain optical fiber cables that can be blown in by jetting technology.

Stress-crack resistance

XRT 70

Oxidative resistance MDPE 3802 B
Low surface friction


Grade Slate TotalEnergies​